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Gerry Grant
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Friday, 15 May 2020

Things in the attic!

We have been in Fangfoss 43 years and like everyone else we use the attic space as a dumping ground for "things that might come in useful" , things that we use once a year, and archives etc. In all those years I don't think we've had a sort out - so why not use this opportunity to do so?

We'd thrown out obselete video recorders, old aerials and other things and then we came across some old files that belonged to Gerry's mother - she died in 2006. We had emptied her room and put everything up in the attic to look through at a later date and never did - until today.

What we found was a revelation - she had written an autobiography starting when she was a little girl. We haven't read it yet but are going to in the next few days.
Accompanying the autobiography were sme old photographs:-

We think this is Gerry's mother as a baby with Gerry's grandmother.

 This may be Gerry's great granmother - possibly on his father's side.

We have no idea who this is. It was a very old sepia photograph and must be of some family member.

It has made us realise that it is important to write names on the back of photographs otherwise the people in the photographs get forgotten. So this is another job we are going to do during lockdown - and we have boxes of them!!!!

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