Gerry Grant

Gerry Grant
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Saturday, 30 May 2020

The pottery is looking more like a builder's and decorator's store......

Taking advantage of the nice weather, I carried on painting the outside of the pottery - wishing we had had plastic windows fitted.......

Gerry carried on upgrading our porch -insulating it and moving switches. It will be more of a utility room when he has finished.


Then this evening we went down to Jubilee Park to water the plants we had planted back in March. Since then we have had no rain so have to carry water in containers down there every night to keep them alive. Now Yorkshire Water are saying we need to conserve water and are asking people not to water their lawns - you cannot believe that it rained everyday from November to March..... There were floods all around us - where has it gone?

And nature is a wonderful thing. Two weeks ago the heavy night frost killed off all the new leaves on some of the trees down in the Park. We thought the trees would die - but no! They've grown new leaves.

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