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Gerry Grant
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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Flowers and potatoes!!!

The flower border along at the entrance to the pottery is looking lovely with a beautiful display of wallflowers and tulips. There is plenty of time this year to make sure a weed doesn't appear.

 Today I planted my potato for the Fangfoss and Bolton potato Growing Contest. Every year in our village the residents are asked to purchase a seed potato and grow it anywhere they like, in whatever they like, to try and get the heaviest crop. The money raised goes towards our park - Jubilee Park in Fangfoss.

There are prizes of £50, £25, and £10 as well as lots of little prizes for daft things, including the rudest potato. I doubt whether I will get a look in as the winner last year got 12kg from her one potato.

These are some of my potatoes that I grew a few years ago. Not many - but perfectly formed. They are called Desiree....

I also planted a couple of sunflower seeds which the Parish Council is asking everyone in the village to grow - to bring a bit of sunshine into the village during this bad year. I have put mine in a large container at the front of the pottery.

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