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Gerry Grant
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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Hurray - we can get some raw materials at last...

We were down to our last couple of bags of clay, but managed to get a ton delivered yesterday afternoon, so Gerry reckons that will last a year at this rate!

This was quite a small lorry that was sent into the village. Sometimes they send the clay on huge articulated lorries that can hardly turn around in the area - and we have some impatient neighbours in the village that object to waiting 5 minutes for the lorry to unload!

Then today we went up to Sedgefield Pottery supplies to buy some raw materials and some storage buckets. We have had some of the buckets so long that the plastic has started to disintegrate - time for a sort out!

I carried the cobalt oxide very carefully into the pottery. This is a kg of cobalt and it costs £70. Thank goodness you don't need a lot to colour a glaze.

Looks like we're watching the Eurovision song contest tonight - all be it in a different format... Who knows, it might be better.

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