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Gerry Grant
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Friday, 29 May 2020

Do squirrels like strawberries?

Yes they do!! I only found this out when I went out today and saw a grey squirrel sitting eating a wild strawberry from the plants around the pottery. It scarpered when it saw me, and I think I might have stopped it coming back by moving the car nearer to the door of the pottery....

We've got a problem with starlings too - I have never seen them around Fangfoss before, but they're here in force this year. They seem to go for the little dried maggoty things in the bird feeder, so I didn't put any out, but they now go for the seeds. The other birds seem to be frightened of them and only come down when they're not there.

....and then there will be the trouble with the cherry tree later on in the year. Blackbirds love them!

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