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Gerry Grant
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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Rooks and Crows - 1, Red Kites - 0,

Today we were in the yard when we heard a carcophany of noise and the sky was full of squawking crows and rooks.

What had happened was a baby rook had fallen out of a nest in the tall trees in the churchyard and a Red Kite was swooping down trying to get it. (We were later told that Red Kites do sometimes take baby crows from nests)

The crows and rooks were having none of this and were buzzing around the Red Kite which eventually gave up and retreated.

We went out again a few minutes later, but the baby rook was no longer there......

A resident from the village told us that he had seen three of the birds in the area lately. I hope the incident with the crows didn't put them off from visiting again!

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