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Gerry Grant
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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

What a successful day!

  Today we sent off our first packages for our new venture! It is called "Pottery@Home". The idea is that, for a small cost, we provide all the clay, materials and instructions to make a project in pottery.

This month's project is to make a small animal sculpture. 

I took photographs of all the stages involved - through making two pinch pots to join together to make the body, right through to adding the finishing touches. 

Although I made a hedgehog, once the body is made there is scope for almost any animal.

I can send the clay out, but the student has to deliver the finished item back to the pottery. Unfired clay is too fragile for any of the postal services!!!

 But what made it even more successful was that I made a video to back up the process of making pinch pots, and was able to make this into a link. If you click on it below yyou should be able to download it and see me making the pinch pots..... Anyone who knows me will know that this is a major achievement as I am useless with computers.....

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