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Gerry Grant
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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

New lockdown experiments.

We have been experimenting with applying a ceramic transfer onto our pots. We have been asked by a company to put a logo onto some little pots. The pots are quite fine and would not suit an embossed logo made out of clay like we normally do.  


We had asked for some samples to experiment with. The transfers were cut out from the sheet and soaked in water. This removes the transfer from the backing.

The pot that Gerry is going to put the transfer on has been glazed in a white shiny glaze.







The transfer is slipped from the backing and smoothed onto the pot. 

It is then put back into the kiln and fired to 750C.


We are quite pleased with the results. The actual logo would be a black emblem so the temperature will not be quite as critical.

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