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Gerry Grant
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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Original art work?


We've finished decorating our office and decided it was about time we bought a new filing cabinet. So we started emptying the old one and getting rid of rubbish.

In one of the old files we came across loads of drawings that Gerry had done to make into emblems to press onto the pots - mainly mugs.

The emblems were hand drawn and then carved into plaster in reverse, so that when the clay was pushed into they came out the right way round! These made the embossed emblems which we became renowned for.

Originally Gerry hand carved the emblems into the plaster himself but then found out that they could be engraved onto a plastic plate onto which the plaster was cast.This made the task much easier.

These are two pictures showing how the emblems were made, and a dish with the Sanctuary Knocker on from Durham Cathedral.

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