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Gerry Grant
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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Challenge completed...

Well - that's it! A whole week of eating just food from Britain...
We celebrated tonight with fish and chips from  Stuarts in Pocklington - and some of the English wine called Madeleine Angvine from Laurel Vines on the Yorkshire Wolds. It was very good - quite a soft taste, but something we would buy again.
To take something from Jamie Oliver's book ""Jamie's Great Britain -130 reasons to love our food" - , "Britain today is blessed with flavours, influences and ingredients from all over the world. Over our long history, foreign armies, visitors and immigrants have brought ingredients, cooking methods, and radical new flavours to our tables. And like magpies, the British Empire of old explored and traded its way around the globe, bringing home the most exciting spices and glittering dishes.
Over time these things have become loved and revered. So much so that we can think of them as our own".
Gosh, I've missed some of these things and am going to have a slice of pineapple now, dusted in brown sugar put under the grill and caramelised!


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