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Gerry Grant
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Saturday, 27 March 2021

Repeat throwing - a rant!!!

Sometimes known as production throwing, this is a technique which involves making pots all the same size and shape  as quickly  as possible. It's the way all pots would have been made (other than handbuilding) right from the Roman times.



It takes a lot of skill and practice. Gerry has been throwing pots on the wheel for over forty years, and still gets a kick from looking at a batch of recently made pots. He can make other more "arty" pots and has more time to persue this now he has semi - retired. But why is it that "production potters" are still regarded as second-class potters in the ceramics world?



Even in today's society when you can buy mass produced mugs and bowls it is still nice to wrap your hands round a truly hand-made pot. Yes - a pot - not a ceramic creation!

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