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Gerry Grant
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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Coming to terms with "Quickbooks"



Our old computer which we used for accounting gave up the ghost - along with the Quick book package we had for writing invoices.

We must have had it over 20 years and had bought it as a CD which you installed on the computer. You can't do that now and have to take out a monthly subscription which we have. 

It is so much better than the old invoice maker. We could put on a logo - got to admit, it needs redoing though, and it has lots of other features too. (If you type in the postcode of the recipient, google maps can show you where the place is...

It did take us a long time to add all the data and I was on the phone to their customer support a couple of times, which I must say was excellent. So we're up and running again - just waiting now for some more customers!!!!

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