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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

.....and it's flowering again.

We have quite a few planted shrubs in our yard, which is between the pottery and the house. Most of them are in English terra-cotta pots which are the best as they will survive the harshest of British winters. The cheaper Mediterranean pots will not last as well and will "spall" or flake and fracture.

We bought several large pots from Bessingby pottery at least 30 years ago and they are still going strong.
We have bought more recent ones from potters at Potfest, and one or two from the Tile Factory at Barton on Humber.

But my best pot of all is the pot the children made for me when I retired from teaching part time at Bugthorpe school. They made this with Gerry, by coiling stoneware clay round a large bucket. Everyone in the school, teachers and children alike made a few coils and worked on the pot and everyone signed it. I was presented with it and it had been  filled with a "bottle brush plant". 

I leave the planter and its plant out every winter, and it has flowered very year - this year being no exception!

These are some of the other pots I have bought over the years.


         Top left - Mint growing in a pot from Bessingby

          Top right - Marjoram in a bought by a potter at Potfest.

          Bottom left - A fuschia (yet to flower) in a pot by                   Barton Tile Works.

          A Geranium in one of our pots!

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