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Gerry Grant
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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Is this the shop with the best view?

This is the view from the office of a shop we supply on the Isle of Skye. It is called Under the Rowan and is on Armadale Pier in Ardvasar. Can you beat that?

The shop sells all sorts of handmade crafts, but specialises in different types of wool. They placed an order back in January and we have had their pots in storage ever since - until today. Ready for their opening next week, Birgit, the owner has asked us to send them up to her.

I would imagine the shop relies very heavily on tourists and until the government allows people to stay overnight in hotels, B and B's and campsites, they will be struggling. So --- if you live around there, do pop in and say "Lyn has sent you!"

These are the sort of pots we make for the shop. Some of the mugs have a map of the Isle of Skye on them , others have a celtic knot.  They are all thrown on the wheel and the emblem is made by pressing the clay into a plaster mould and adding it to the pot when it is leather hard.

They are unique souvenirs to "Under the Rowan" on Skye.

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