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Gerry Grant
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Monday, 16 November 2020

A successful "reduction" firing

 A great day today as we unpacked the kiln. Lovely copper red pots for the Dog and Hat, green ones for the Cosy Cottage Soap Company, white ones for the Yorkshire Explorer Distillery and lots more.

This is our gas kiln. It is a down draft kiln - meaning that the flames come in from the bottom, go round the kiln and then are forced into the chimney that starts at the bottom.

It is at the top where we get most of the "reduction" - the copper in the glaze turns from red to green.

The rod sticking down from the roof of the kiln is the pyrometer - it measures the temperature in the kiln. We also use cones to check the temperature distribution around the kiln.

These are the red pots for the online coffee company called the Dog and Hat. They came from the front of the kiln at the top where there was an area of heavy reduction. To get a reduction atmosphere in the kiln you have to put in more gas than oxygen, so this can only happen if you have a gas kiln. 

The results can be lovely.

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