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Thursday, 12 November 2020

A stamp collection....

I was clearing out some cupboards today and I came across my old stamp collection books! I first starting saving stamps when I was at primary school. At first I collected "world stamps", then just British ones before collecting first day covers until I went to University in 1972. 

What I found interesting in the books was how the political world has altered- so many countries have changed their  changed their names, through either annexation, war or independence. 


But what fascinated me the most was the page of German stamps. I must have started collecting stamps before the Berlin wall was built and the introduction at the top of the page mentions East Germany and West Germany. 

Then two stamps caught my eye at the bottom of the page. Two stamps - one million deutschmarks and  five million deutschmarks. They must have been issued between the wars when Germany suffered from hyper inflation. This would have passed me by at the age of 8!!

So---- an interesting day, both geographical and historical.....





























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