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Gerry Grant
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Sunday, 6 September 2020


We were pleased at the results that came out  of the last firing. We had a few new ideas in the kiln which were eager to see.  

The soap dishes have turned out well - so too have the garlic mashers, but the lemon squeezers still need a bit of work. The squeezer itself works well, but the holes in the base aren't big enough to let the juice and flesh squeeze through.  Back to the drawing board on that one. The little jug that is on the bottom to catch the juice is big enough thogh.

 This is the garlic masher. You peel the garlic and rub it onto the dish which mashes it up. It works well with ginger too.

This is the lemon squeezer. I like the tenmoku glaze, although it is not popular with customers.

We've packed the big square kiln today to fire tomorrow. Fingers crossed.......

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