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Gerry Grant
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Monday, 7 September 2020

a glut of tomatoes

 When we came back from our few days in the Lake District, we found that our tomatoes seemed to have ripened all at once. These came from the two plants that were part of the village plant swap back in March. What to do with them?

Mark Smith, a potter friend of ours, had put on facebook about drying them in the oven and then bottling them in oil. So I did that, only first infusing the oil with garlic, which I thought would be good on Pizzas! I started with a whole oven tray of tomatoes, but once in the oven for 3 hours they only just filled a jam jar!

Then I had some more ripen today and I read that you could freeze them to make tomato soup with - but you had to skin them first. I don't know whether it was because the tomatoes were fresh, but when I poured boiling water over them, the skins came off much easier than shop tomatoes. 

There are plenty more on the plant but they are green and I don't like green tomato chutney. I wonder what else I can do with them........

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