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Gerry Grant
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Monday, 13 February 2017

The early years

This is Gerry standing in the old school in Fangfoss in 1976, when we had just bought it. It had been empty for four years because a new school had been built over the road.
The school constisted of a large main classroom used for the juniors and a smaller classroom for the infants. Both rooms were very high and had an A frame apex ceiling.

The windows were high from the ground, presumably so that the children couldn't look out and be distracted! Gerry is leaning on the fire guard around the old fireplace, which we still have, though have removed the coke burner. This supplied a few old radiators with the heat. In winter when it was particularly cold it could take 1cwt of coke a day to heat the building.

The first thing we did in the pottery was to put in a false ceiling, and replace the old heating system. We lowered the windows so that we could see out. So in 1977 we were ready to start making pots.

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